About US

Western Group provide the expertise, and specialist products that help make roads safe, improve site and road stability, and keep dust nuisance, and maintenance costs, down .

Our innovative, environmentally-friendly approach is tailored for civil and roading contractors, developers, construction, forestry, and the rural sector.

We’re focused on our clients’ bottom lines, protecting infrastructure, and allowing projects to move forward on time, on budget, with a minimum of disruption.

Our Values

Hard work
We work hard, as a team, and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Great products
We search out the best, and back those products to deliver results.

Energetic Service
Our products and services are always delivered in a way that is timely and efficient.

Added value
We save our clients’ money, through knowledge and superior products.

Emphasis on effective, environmentally responsible products
We put preference on environmentally friendly products that work.

Effective communication
We ensure transparency through open and honest dialogue

More effective, more efficient, more savings. Call us.

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