Frontier Access Mats ™

Stable Ground, All Year Round

These sustainable and environmentally-friendly bamboo mats are flexible, durable, and built to withstand heavy loads in wet and muddy conditions. They can help cut your access costs and provide a strong and stable platform all year round.

Frontier Access Mats are produced from an engineered composite panel, giving them a more consistent strength and making them less susceptible to breaking. Their bending strength can withstand up to double the weight that solid oak panels can, making them especially suitable for heavy steel-tracked vehicles such as excavators.

Our customers appreciate the sustainability of our mats. They are produced from bamboo which is one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials available to us.

Frontier Access Mats are commonly used as temporary roads or staging areas/floor space for trucks and heavy machinery – providing support when moving equipment over unstable ground as well as protecting the underlying soil and surface.

Size: 3900L x 2200W x 60mm thick. Approx. 525kg each.

* Western Group are the sole agent for these bamboo mats in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea.

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  • Constructions sites
  • Muddy swamps
  • Oil fields
  • Industrial yards
  • Parking lots/event parking
  • Forestry roads
  • Remote camps


  • Lighter than hardwood and comparable in strength to concrete and steel.
  • Naturally repels moisture, making them more impervious to rot, fungus & insects.
  • Less prone to shrinking & warping.
  • Tensile strength is 10x that of wood.
  • Rough non-slip surface.
  • Flush-fit, no trip hardware.

  •  Provide a stable platform all year round.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly material.
  • Protect the ground and environment from the effects of heavy machinery.
  • Interlocking system joins mats seamlessly.
  • Produced from a grass that grows 10x faster than wood.

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