Stabil-X ®

Environmentally-friendly dust control and water use reducer

Less water, less machinery, less fuel use and a smaller environmental footprint, make Stabil-X™ the go-to for effective site control in summer months, or dry periods.

The secret is that Stabil-X™ treats water to create a more effective soaking pattern to slow drying time by breaking down the surface tension and penetrating into the dry particles rather than just surrounding them. It also helps to bind fines and aids compaction.

This effect makes Stabil-X™ 40-80% more effective than water alone, depending on soil and weather conditions, and means longer times between the need for the next water cart application


  • Subdivisions
  • Haul roads
  • Broad acre applications
  • Land developments sites
  • Constructions sites
  • Quarries & mine sites


  • Low dose rates required
  • Non-corrosive and easily cleaned up with water
  • Increases visibility, safety and productivity
  • Improves vegetation establishment
  • Improves gravel compaction results
  • Reduces wind-borne erosion
  • Reduces water usage by 40-80%
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • Non-photo toxic, can safely be applied to vegetation
  • Easily applied with a standard water cart or spray systems
  • Residual accumulates with multiple applications

More effective, more efficient, more savings. Call us.

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