Compact-X ®

Compaction aid and stabiliser

This innovative formulation contains an ionic surfactant that neutralises the magnetic charges and surface tension,  allowing the soil particles to bind closer and tighter together.

Why is that important?

By enhancing protection retention of fines, Compact-X™ helps stabilisation and compaction, and reduces the damage to a prepped surface caused by traffic and weather events – which undoes all your hard work.

Compact-X™ penetrates all types of gravel and soil surfaces to form a durable cross-linked matrix that improves results across Nuclear Density, Clegg and Penetrometer testing.


  • Unpaved road upgrades
  • Road construction
  • Seal repairs and area wides
  • Sub-base stabilisation
  • Back filling of infrastructure trenches
  • Tracks and paths
  •  Constructions sites
  •  Parking lots/event parking
  • Road milling & stabilising


  • Increases compaction results
  • Environmentally friendly – doesn’t trigger HSNO classes or requirements
  • Non-toxic to plants, animals or people
  • Non-corrosive and easily cleaned up with water
  • Compatible with lime, bitumen, emulsions & cement
  • Easily applied with a standard water cart or spray system

  • Accumulates with maintenance applications and is re workable
  • Binds fines tightly together to reduce voids, corrugations, pot hole and erosion from rain fall
  • Ideal for holding prepped surfaces during inclement weather before top coating with chip seal, concrete or asphalt
  • Reduces disturbance caused by traffic to prepped surfaces
  • Reduces water usage when stabilising

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